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Meet Homeowners Face-to-Face and Beat Other Real Estate Agents and Investors to the Deal Monster Marketing is a unique real estate lead generation and conversion system that creates reliable,repeatable & predictable outcome and guarantees results without cold calling, door knocking or mailers.

TOP 1% BROKER in NEVADA (Las Vegas) "This connects YOU with homeowner"

“Tried Cold-Calling and Mailers with a Great Deal of Frustration and Not a Lot of Success… The MONSTER was Life-changing!”

“3 listings & 75k in Commissions in Less Than 1 Month Doing the System… DO IT!”


  Sounds Great, But What Exactly is the MONSTER?  

  MONSTER (noun) (adjective) 1. A lead generation process to get face to face appointments with homeowners. 2. A system of step-by-step training & follow up designed to connect with homeowners so you can turn strangers into leads and leads into listings. 3. A lifestyle of being a real estate advocate.  

  The MONSTER works with any niche, as long as there is publicly available data (MONSTER connects you with data providers too!), including: Expired Listings, Canceled Listings, FSBOs, Divorce, Missed Payments (NOD) Probate…  


This is not a postcard system or mail system! This is not an elaborate door knocking system! This is not a set of scripts for cold calls from the call center system! This is not a magic formula to get listings “on the Internet”!  

This is a 100% unique redirectional marketing approach based on GUARANTEED face-to-face-meetings with REAL people! Why Real Estate Professionals (and Investors) Need the MONSTER? The MONSTER solves 2 problems:  

How to get quality leads without buying them from companies like Trulia, Zillow, or Realtor.com. How to connect with your prospects in the way that they would respond to your message and hire you as their Realtor. Generate Leads  

Real estate search is dominated by Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin and Google. Even top producers are in no position to compete with those giant companies. MONSTER Marketing System is based on redirectional marketing thatre-directs prospects to Real Estate Agents before they become online leads. MONSTER enables real estate professionals and investors to generate leads on their own terms… on demand. Connect and Engage  

Most real estate professionals engage in advertising, not marketing. Advertising is based on “spray and pray” concept. You blast your message as wide and loud as your budget allows and expect that it will resonate with some netting you a few prospects. Marketing is a more targeted approach than advertising, but more importantly, marketing creates connection and results in engagement. It’s a lot easier to sell to a friend than to a lead. Ejoy Predictable Results  

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a real estate professional is not knowing where your next commission check is coming from. The MONSTER Marketing System is designed for those who wish to work smart, not hard, and delivers predictable results. As long as you continue practicing MONSTER Marketing, you will always have listings in your pipeline. Marketing brings a steady growth, while advertising created dramatic lows and highs.

100% Money Back Guarantee  

You will get face-to-face with homeowners or your money back! If you use the MONSTER Marketing System as directed and you won’t get a single appointment with a homeowner who wants to meet with a Real Estate Professional, we will refund your full investment AND let you keep the MONSTER AND every single bonus that came with the original purchase or was distributed later during your membership.